Playing Surface

Our good friends Bud Poliquin & Sean Kirst have suggested in the last few days that natural grass would make Alliance Bank Stadium much more fan friendly.

To set the record straight, the SkyChiefs agree with both Bud & Sean and would welcome the return to the days at MacArthur Stadium when the sight and smell of grass made the fan experience complete.

However, when the stadium was constructed in 1997, our local leaders (both county and state) promised the community a multi-purpose stadium in exchange for taxpayer dollars.  The multi-purpose events were to include:  baseball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, etc, during the months of March – November.

By changing over to all grass, community use would be cut back considerably with the months of October and November all but eliminated.

The Syracuse Chiefs, International League and the Toronto Blue Jays would all welcome natural grass and are not the roadblock in this debate. The Blue Jays four other minor league affiliates all play on grass, and after Scranton removes their artificial surface this fall, Syracuse will be the only artificial field in the International League.

With the surface at Alliance Bank Stadium in dire need of replacement it’s up to Onondaga County leaders to take the next step.

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