Al Hampton/More Grass vs Turf Talk

Al Hampton from Liverpool sent in a note that since the 1940’s Syracuse has always had teams that didn’t fair very well.  So we did some research and found out that Al was indeed correct….From 1942-50 the Chiefs worked with the Cincinnati Reds and despite capturing 3 Governors Cups (42, 43 and 47) they had two last place teams in 1944-45.  From 1951 to 1953 they worked as co-affiliate with the Yankees  and after two playoff seasons in 51 and 52 they finished with 95 losses in 1953….When baseball returned in 1961 and 62 , both seasons the Chiefs finished in last place under three different major league teams…From 1963-66 with the Tigers the team finished last in 1966…During the Yankees years  from 1967 -1977 the team finshed in last twice, although they captured three more Governors Cups 1969, 1970 and 1976 and an I.L. Pennant in 1970…Since 1934 Syracuse baseball has had 33 second division clubs and 27 playoff teams…

Just a note to all those conspiracy theorists who believe that the move for grass at Alliance Bank Stadium is a ploy by the Chiefs to keep soccer away:  It’s not true.  If soccer is to return to Syracuse in the near future, then field turf must be installed.  I’m sure that Onondaga County Executive Nick Pirro and  the County Legislature will take that into account when they make their final decision.  The Chiefs have indicated to Deputy County Executive Ed Kochian that grass would be our first choice, but understand for community and multiple use that field turf may be a more practical solution.  Either way we hope that a decision is made soon.

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