IINSIDE PITCH comes to Central New York this Saturday, October 28th at 9:00 AM on ESPN Radio 1260 AM .  The voice of baseball in Syracuse, Bob McElligott will host the weekly show and be joined by Chiefs General Manager John Simone each week.  The show will feature interviews of current and past players as well as coaching staff insights and major league updates all season long.  For Chiefs fans it’s an opportunity to know what’s really going on with the hometown team on a timely basis.

This continues the Chiefs’ multimedia presentation that has been created over the past year.  In November of 2005 the Chiefs teamed up with Citadel Broadcasting and signed a two year radio deal to broadcast all 144 Chiefs games on ESPN Radio 1260 AM.  In January 2006 the team announced that they would join the growing number of minor league baseball teams and signed a ten year web site development agreement with Baseball Advanced Media. The BAM agreement links the Chiefs with MLB.Com and offers the club all the advantages of a major league web site including the very popular “pitch by pitch” Game Day Program that was unveiled in April 2006.  After radio and the internet were taken care of the Chiefs agreed to expand their television coverage and signed a two year deal with Time Warner Cable to broadcast over 20 games a season on TW26.  In September 2006 the Chiefs introduced their own blog  with the help of BAM and post on a daily basis to give fans an up-to-date take on the days news.  And in October 2006 we will become talking heads on weekly basis and give you our take on what’s really going on.

We appreciate the positve feedback we have received concerning these additions to Chiefs Baseball in 2006. Look for our blog each Thursday for announcement of show topics and guest.

See you every Saturday on ESPN Radio 1260 AM.

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Thanks for all the updates guys! This blog is great. It’s so nice to keep up with the SkyChiefs from afar. Keep it up.

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