Our local newspaper seems to have an obsession with the team’s Board of Directors, but seems unwilling to print all of the facts.  Here are a few facts that you won’t read in recent articles:

Fact #1 – Thirteen (13) of the 23 current Board members have been appointed since 1994, that’s 57%.  With the passing of Clayton Andrews the number will become 14 of 24 very soon.  In addition, 10 of the 13 new members have been added since 1997, and seven since 2002.  This clearly indicates that the Chiefs Board has changed its makeup to include “new blood” over a short period of time.

Fact #2 – Of those 13 added, seven are currently serving as Chairs of a Committee – from Marketing to Insurance to Stadium Maintenance, etc.

Fact #3 – In order for an individual to become a Director, he or she must express their desire to serve in letter form.  The nominating committee considers more than 100 people each time a spot on the Board is available.  Over the past few years the nominating committee has considered individuals based on their areas of expertise and the potential impact they could have on the issues impacting the ballclub.  More specifically, the nominating committee has sought and found new Board members with superior knowledge in the fields of marketing, construction, law, community relations, and sales.

FYI, the largest current shareholder was not represented in the most recent newspaper article and is not currently a member of the Board.  Also, 9 of the 20 largest shareholders have served or are currently serving on the Board.

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