Often on Chiefs blogs we might criticize our good friend Bud Poliquin for his views on baseball, but today we applaud Bud on his views concerning Alliance Bank Stadium.

The field surface, preferably grass, scoreboard, bullpens on the field and so on need to be done.  Hopefully, our out-going County Executive and members of the County Legistlature agree and get on with the process of making improvements to Alliance Bank Stadium.

To continue and make claims that the ball club owes utility bills for prior years remains unfounded.  And to use that as an excuse is irrational.  The Chiefs have provided the County in cash with $250,000 for the turf replacement fund and will contribute another $125,000 over the next five years.  We have paid our share.

The ball club has also paid an additional $250,000 in cash to the County for infrastructure funds that could be used for a new scoreboard.  And they will pay an additional $125,000 more towards this fund.  Again we have paid our share towards the new scoreboard.

Okay Mr. County Executive, Bernie Kraft, and members of the Legistalture, It’s time to begin taking care of this facility!!!!

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