Thank you recorded more than 62,000 visits during the month of May – the most ever in the 11-year history of the site.  A sincere THANK YOU goes out to all of our fans who made this possible.  We hope you will continue to visit the site and push the record even higher as the summer goes on.

In March 2006 we launched our current site design in conjunction with Baseball Advanced Media.  Because of this partnership, our site now includes live streaming audio and pitch-by-pitch gamecasts of all of our games, weekly player feature stories, RSS news feed, podcasts of our weekly radio show, and a weekly newsletter. 

Is there somehting you would like to see on our site that we don’t currently have?  Send us an e-mail or post a comment to let us know.


Well thank you for that. One thing I would love to see on the site is daily updated game photos. Photos from every home game and if possible maybe some away games. I’m tired of waiting a month before gets about 7 photos from one game that happened that month!!!

daily recaps after each game with a few pics. also letting us know all the news around the team and possibly the pitchers for the next game would be amazing. site looks great althow. love the new design

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