Last week County Executive Nick Pirro announced at a Press Conference held at Alliance Bank Stadium that in 2008 Grass will return to the Northside.  The County Executive will recommend to the full County Legistlature on July 2nd that they vote to replace the current astroturf.  Chairman of the County Legistlature Dale Sweetland also attended the Press Conference and will push for the vote from his fellow legistlators. 

The plan then would see work on the field to begin at the conclusion of the Chiefs season in September.  The process would see the astroturf removed followed by the blacktop.  Thats when the drainage work begins, which much of the existing drains can be used.   Then the entire field will be covered with sand, and Alliance Bank Stadium becomes the largest beach in Onondaga County.  That’s when the sod team arrives and lays out the field transforming the stadium from turf to grass in roughly 6-8 weeks.

The Chiefs promotional staff plans many events during the process to keep fans interested and informed of this exciting time in Chiefs History.

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