The once shining star of the A-League in professional soccer, the Rochester Rhinos have declared bankruptcy and are out of business.  With over 11-million dollars in debt and creditors lining up to be paid the once proud franchise is no longer.

City officials and local investors are hopeful that the 2008 season can still be saved and soccer will return to the Flower City in May.

The Rhinos moved into their new 30 million dollar stadium just three years ago that was paid for mostly by the State of New York and failed to make bank payments for months.

Hmmm…  The Rhinos regarded as marketing geniuses that were so successful they moved out of Frontier Field and built their own stadium, go belly-up in less than three years.  And here in Syracuse, the local baseball team regarded by certain members of the media as marketing mis-fits have no creditors at their doors, pay their bank payments on time and will be playing baseball once again in Syracuse on April 3rd. 

I wonder why this story hasn’t made it’s way to Syracuse…..makes you wonder why.


The Post-Standard has already decided how it will report on the Chiefs regardless of the facts or other circumstances. They are against the Blue Jays staying and against the current management. Just more negativity that makes Central NY such a difficult market. Nothing will work here-woe is us.
Go Chiefs, I say!!!

I don’t know if the fat lady has actually shown up or not. I checked websites for the Rochester media earlier today, and it appeared the Rhinos weren’t dead yet. The problem there probably has a lot to do with an individual who is unfortunately involved with not only the soccer team there, but the hockey and pro lacrosse teams as well. Let’s not gloat over the problems those folks are having. The fans there are good fans who do not deserve this situation.

I know the entire Chiefs organization works very hard. The product they promote is a good product. However, there is one suggestion I would make and it involves courtesy, especially on the part of the ushers and the security staff.

Here’s an example: One night I was attending a game at another park in the IL. As I got to the ticket booth to buy a ticket, a total stranger came up to me and gave me a free ticket. There was a security guard right there who saw it. The reaction? Both the person in the ticket booth and the security guard laughed and said, “Hey, man, today’s your lucky day; enjoy the game.” I thereupon entered the stadium and did in fact enjoy the game. No arrogant rent-a-cop tried to hassle me or anything.

One night in Syracuse, my wife and I bought tickets right behind the plate. We finally moved because we got tired of filthy language coming from other spectators. We moved down the foul line to seats where we weren’t bothering and wouldn’t be bothered by anybody. An usher came over and told me, “You’re killing me sitting there.” I showed him our box seat tickets right behind the plate and explained why we’d moved. He rather officiously made us relocate, even though the entire section was otherwise empty. This was totally unnecessary.

Little things mean a lot, and I feel that if a little more attention were paid to things such as courtesy and hospitality, something that people who have lived in places other than the Northeast have come to take for granted, it would pay big dividends.

Just my $.02 worth.

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