Syracuse Chiefs outfielder Adam Lind never played a full season in Syracuse.  He came up late in 2006 after an MVP season at AA-New Hampshire, appeared in 46 games in 2007 during two visits and played in the first 18 games of the 2008 season before his most recent call-up.

During those three seasons he played in 98 games and batted .341 with 14 HR’s and 62 RBI’s.  Has there ever been a better hitter to come through Syracuse than Lind.

Derek Bell’s .346 in 1991, Shawn Green’s .344 in 1994, Robert Perez’s .343 in 1995 and Ossie Blanco’s .340 in 1969 were equally impressive.  But something tells me that Adam Lind will be a better major league hitter than any of those four.  Including Shawn Green. 


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