Fan thanks Matt Watson

We received this email yesterday from Sally Raburn, who attended the Chiefs’ game in Durham this past Saturday:

This past Saturday night, May 10th, my husband Bob and I, along with our daughter Michelle and her son TJ, (who will age 6 in July), were in Raleigh visiting with our son Michael, his wife Amy and their two children Emily and Katelyn, (ages 8 and 10). †We all attended the Saturday evening game between your Chiefs and the Durham Bulls; (we had great seats, almost field level near your teams bullpen).

Anyway… the reason for my email. †

As we were entering the stadium, my grandson TJ was picked to participate in a “tractor” race with another little boy that was there celebrating his 6th birthday. †The race was held between the 2nd and 3rd inning.

My grandson, although he is so young, is very competitive and doesn’t like to lose, so when he lost the race, he burst into tears. †To help cheer him up and so that he wouldn’t leave feeling so bad, one of the players from your dugout, rushed out and told him it was alright and gave him two well used gloves, (which makes them all the more important), and a coach came out and gave him a baseball. † One of the gloves had the initials M.W. † We looked this up in the program and found this had to be, Matt Watson.

I just want to say “Thank You” to the coach, (we aren’t sure who he is), and a very Special Thank You to Matt. † WOW… what a nice people and what a very nice thing to do. †Matt must be a wonderful example and a great roll model.†

Thank you for your time and God Bless!

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