Teddy makes a detour in Syracuse for Hot Stove

teddy.jpgToday we announced that Teddy Roosevelt, the infamous mascot and racing President for the Washington Nationals will be in attendance at the 48th Annual Hot Stove Dinner and Auction this Friday at 5:30pm at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, NY.

Plagued by loss after loss to the likes of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt will start his new year off by racing to Syracuse, and welcoming the Chiefs to the Nationals organization.

The 26th President is known by Nationals fans as the racing president who never wins a race. For all those who do not know, the president’s race is a fan favorite in Washington. Beginning in 2006, the fourth inning of every home game marks the time of the relay race and the four presidents race along the warning track with the finish line at the Nationals dugout.

Since the inception of the races, Teddy has yet to win due to actions like stopping to pose for pictures, skipping race to help grounds crew, getting distracted by a kangaroo, or stopping to chase a panther. He has been disqualified a number of times for actions such as riding a golf cart in foot race, cutting across the field and even cheating by running in a walking race.

Voted 2007’s “Best-on-field-promotion” in all professional sports, the Presidential Races has captured the laughter of many and Syracuse will get a glimpse of that as Roosevelt adds his name to Hot Stove guest list.

For more information on the 48th Annual Hot Stove Dinner and Auction check us out at www.syracusechiefs.com

For more information on Teddy Roosevelt and the Presidential Races, check out Teddy’s blog at blog.letteddywin.com



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