The Syracuse Chiefs began their 2009 Spring Training schedule vs the Gwinnett Braves this afternoon at Walt Disney World Complex.

Starting Lineup:

Jorge Padilla LF

Pete Orr 2B

Justin Maxwell CF

Brad Eldred 1B

Leonard Davis RF

Ryan Langerhans DH

Luke Montz C

Joel Guzman 3B

Freddie Bynum SS

Kip Wells P

The Braves had Lefty Jo Jo Reyes start against the Chiefs lineup.


Hello…Is thereanybody out there? Man, the Chiefs/Nationals have some work to do to generate some interest in this club. For years I looked forward to getting rid of the Jays, and I was hoping we’d get the Mets. Unfortunately, we got stuck with the Nat’s. The Nat’s are a mess. Let’s hope the Chiefs can put together a competetive team this season.

So who won? Did anyone play well?

While it certainly takes more effort than necessary to find out about this year’s team, info is out there and it can be found (no thanks to the local rag, sad to say). Personally, I think the Chiefs could have a pretty decent team this year, and next year should be even better. The Mets have only the name. They’ve traded away many of their top prospects in the past year. Also, their desire to have an ownership stake in the Chiefs would have been a disaster for CNY. I’d advise anybody upset about not landing the Mets to relax, because I really believe Chiefs fans will have the last laugh.

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