Thank you fans!

Now that the Chiefs have played the final game of their inaugural season as a Washington Nationals affiliate, we wanted to take a few moments to say a sincere THANK YOU to all of the fans who made the 2009 baseball season a memorable one here in Syracuse.

Total attendance for 2009 was 392,518 for 65 openings – an average of 6,039 per game.  This year’s total is slightly higher than last year’s total of 392,017, which was accomplished in 68 openings (5,765 per game).  However, this year’s per game average represents an increase of 4.75% over last year.  Furthermore, this year marked the third consecutive season that per game attendance increased in Syracuse.
At a time when so much attention is being paid to the state of the economy in our area and across the country, we are truly grateful that fans in Syracuse helped make us one of only four International League teams that saw an attendance increase.  Gwinnett (new city and new stadium), Columbus (new stadium), and Lehigh Valley were the other cities in the 14-team league that saw an increase.
We could delve further into market size and let you know that our attendance per capita was the fifth-best in the league, but the point of this entry was to thank you, not to overwhelm you with numbers.
However, we would like to clear up a few things that were written in the local newspaper on Monday and posted on its web site.  Attendance for Monday’s season finale was 8,742.  The figure of 12,660 that was printed in the box score for Monday’s game included an addition of 3,918 that was necessary as a result of the Chiefs playing a game in Cooperstown in June.  This situation was explained in detail to the newspaper employee who was at Monday’s game so that it could be accurately presented in the newspaper.  
Unfortunately, the story that appeared in Tuesday’s paper was written by a different newspaper employee who was at Sunday’s game, but was not at Alliance Bank Stadium on Monday.  It is also unfortunate that the newspaper employee remains obsessed with the method used to calculate attendance.  The method we use is the same method used throughout the International League and approved by Major League and Minor League Baseball.
In conclusion, we would like to say a final THANK YOU for your support this season.  We hope to see you at Dinner at the Diamond this fall and we are already looking forward to an even better year in 2010.

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Thanks for the thanks. Before the season I had my doubts about the 2009 Chiefs being any better than previous years. But they proved me wrong. The 09 team was very fun to watch. I saw some very good baseball at ABS this year. Keep up the good work.

Regarding attendance, I agree with the newspaper in that attendance is the number of people that actually attend a game. If you want to talk about ticket sales, then call it that.

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