Booth Review (or Stories from Above)

I’m as good at titling things as the creators of Rocky and Bullwinkle.  So, these entries are going to have varying names as we move along.  You can decide which title you like most.  Maybe I’ll choose it.

This portion of the offseason is sorta like traveling 45 minutes to go to a swap meet.  The anticipation is really fun.  You don’t know what you’re going to have to choose from when you get there.  And it’s really up to someone else what’s put in front of you.
At this juncture, we can guess who’s going to constitute the 2010 Syracuse Chiefs.  It’s an educated guess, but a guess nonetheless.  What we can say without much risk is that the players we’ll see at Alliance Bank Stadium will have a good amount of Triple-A experience.  The Nats are loaded with pitchers who came through Syracuse last season and have played in the Nation’s Capital.
Hi.  I’m Jason Benetti and I’m your new radio guy.  My three-time broadcast partner, Bob McElligott, is toting his headset around the various NHL cities as a member of the broadcast team of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  To be straight-faced for a moment, Bob deserved this move.  To be practical for a moment, Bob’s probably got someone carrying his headset for him.  
You’ll find enough out about me throughout the course of the season, but a few major points.
-I am a Syracuse University alumnus.
-I am a law student in my spare time.  
-I enjoy a) American Idol, b) the New York Times crossword puzzle and c) playing bocce.
-One of my previous jobs is “umpire.”
For those of you that can’t get past the second point, I haven’t progressed far enough in law school to be truly adept at corruption.  Fear not.  For those of you that can’t get past part a) of the third point, it’s not polite to stare.
In all seriousness, I am humbled to be sitting in the chair that I’ll be sitting in this season.  To share a spot in history with people like Sean McDonough, Carl Eilenberg and Marv Albert (and so many others) is unreal.  Couple that with making a summer home in Syracuse–a place I’ve spent so much of my adult life–and I am really revved up for this season and beyond.  
We’ve got some surprises for you this season.  We’ll be adding content via the web to allow you to access the Chiefs whenever you please.  We’ll be making an added presence around the ballpark at selected times.  And, we’ll be adding some new elements to the broadcasts, as well.
It is up to you, though, to let us know what you want to see and hear.  Please email if you have ideas for us.  We have our own thoughts, but we’ll be happy to steal yours.
My use of the pronouns “we” and “us” did not display a lack of a grasp of English.  You’ll be hearing from Mike Couzens on the broadcasts and on the website this season as well.  Mike will handle pre-game, in-game and post-game reports and he’ll also do some play-by-play.  Mike is a well-meaning individual who knows sports very well (OK, “very” might be a stretch.  He was the 72nd man on his high school basketball team).  Mike, though, deserves your pity.  He is both a New York Mets and Kansas City Chiefs fan.
We’ll also have some other additions to the broadcast throughout the season……yes, that was meant to be cryptic.  It’s called a tease in the industry.
It’s a pleasure to have you as an audience.  I look forward to meeting everyone–whether it’s via email, blog response, or even over a pre-game hot dog.

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Best of luck, Jason. You have some big shoes to fill, but from what I heard late last season, you’re doing a fine job. Keep up the good work. I look forward to listening in via the Internet this season.

Interesting you mention your law school pursuits. I had a boss a number of years ago who had been a law school classmate of none other than Vin Scully. At least baseball broadcasting is an honorable profession; lol.

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