Stories from above–Spring Training edition

I was at a college baseball game the other day, and I thought to myself, “Jason, that ‘ping’ sound is strange.”  So, I decided to go to Spring Training.

Well, that’s not exactly how it happened, but it’s a pretty solid fake impulse-buy story.  I’ve actually had my flight booked for a while now.  I’ll be down in Viera watching the Nationals and soon-to-be-Nationals from Monday until next Sunday.
Why am I telling you this?  Because I like making you, dear reader, insanely jealous.  That’s why I’ll be posting pictures of me sipping from glasses with tiny umbrellas every day next week.  
That’s not entirely true, either.  I’m telling you I’ll be at Spring Training because it’s partially up to you who you hear from when I’m down there.  I have my plans of who I’d like to talk to.  But, I’m interested in who you’re intrigued by.  What questions do you have going into this season?   John Simone and I will be in Florida filing both audio and video reports from camp.
So, drop me a note at  Tell me who you want to see or hear.  If at all possible, you’ll get your interview….and a JPEG of me reading Baseball America next to the hot tub.
In other news, I’ll be calling the SU lacrosse game on Sunday @ UVA.  #1 v. #2.  Should be an absolute blast.  I still remember sitting in the M&T Bank Stadium press box after the ’04 title win over Navy, wondering when I’d get to do SU lacrosse again.  A remarkable program in a truly entertaining sport.
In fake news, one of my favorite groups of people, the fine folks at The Onion, have pretty well captured life as a National League batting instructor:
Stay tuned to the blog for info on the Nats, the Chiefs and what type of emasculating/tractionless rental car I’ll be tooling around in (last one was an “ice blue” Hyundai Accent–pictured here:  
See you at Epcot,
J. Benetti

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