Travel day

The best thing about not taking my full radio gear on this trip:  The security checkpoint was a breeze.  When traveling with broadcast equipment, I expect to be asked any number of invasive questions–the stuff we use to do radio looks rather like something MacGyver might need to diffuse.

Made it safely to Orlando as of a little while ago.  If you had “gray Nissan Sentra” in the rental car pool, you win.  For the first time in my rental-car existence, I actually got to pick my automobile.  I was sent by the clerk to a garage just off the main terminal.  In that garage was a row labeled “Compact.”  From that row, I selected the only non-Kia.  Good choice, I think.

As I checked into the hotel, I ran into Seth Bynum.  He seems to be doing well.  Look forward to talking with him more in-depth sometime after the 1:05 game tomorrow with the Tigers.  Quick plug:  Friend of the program Bob Carpenter will have the TV call of the game on MASN.  If you’re bored at work, take a long lunch.

John Simone and I will be reporting from that game and throughout the week via the newly-minted  We’ll be posting audio and video all week from down here at Spring Training.

Talk to you tomorrow from the field.


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