Odd Jobs (or Wearing Many Hats)

I’ve worked a lot of interesting jobs during my life and through those jobs I have met a lot of interesting people. Some of the people I would have really enjoyed getting to know better, and others I’m fine with not seeing again. Through my time doing things like processing traffic violations and selling water shoes and beach chairs–I found that everyone has a story to tell. Getting that story, however, isn’t always easy but it sure is fun.


I’m Mike Couzens and I’ll be working along with Jason Benetti throughout this baseball season to bring you every Chiefs game. Along with the games, we’ll be bringing you the stories of every player, every ballpark, and every city that we visit. By working all of those strange jobs earlier in my life, I’ve realized that what I most enjoy is spending afternoons and evenings telling the stories of the people and places that make the game of baseball so interesting.


As for myself, I consider a great day to be one spent at the ballpark or the beach. I’ve got a witty sense of humor (although I’m told that’s debatable), I’m a tall guy at 6’4″ (Exit row, please!), and I always like to know what’s going on whether it’s regarding news, pop culture, or even what you had for dinner last night.


Although my odd jobs have introduced me to plenty of names and faces over the years, lots of them were in fleeting instances. Take for instance Brenda–one of my coworkers at the beach store I worked at one summer. She was a retiree from North Carolina who was a real nice lady, and we worked opposite shifts. I would open the store in the mornings, and she would replace me in the afternoons. We would chat as our shifts changed over, but only for a few minutes or so because there was always more business to be taken care of at the store. I never did get Brenda’s full story as to why, even though she was retired from her job in North Carolina, she would work at this store every summer. My boss told me Brenda had been showing up for 15 years. Then suddenly the job was over at the end of the summer, and I haven’t been back since. The end of the story about Brenda is still unwritten in my book.


I can’t wait to start to get to know the people, the players and the fans of the Chiefs organization in a way that won’t be as temporary as my time talking to Brenda. I’m looking forward to a great season full of interesting people because I know every single one of them has a story, a unique voice, and a passion for baseball.


I hope to hear from you too throughout the year. You can get in touch with me at mikecouzens@syracusechiefs.com.

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