Stories From Above — The Couzens Card of Doom

As Jason has previously chronicled here on the blog, if
you’ve played baseball long enough, you’re sure to have a baseball card of
doom–the one picture that you wish had never been taken.

Now while I haven’t been playing baseball, I have had my
fair share of embarrassing pictures taken of me.

There’s the kind that I talked about on the air on Thursday
night in Scranton with my turtle shell framed glasses, or with my bifocals that
I got in second grade, but there’s also another picture that I certainly regret
posing for.

The discussion about my Card of Doom arose when Jason
and I were talking about making a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles and
how you only get to renew your license once every eight years. That also means
just one picture that you’re stuck with for 8 years whether you like it or not.

Since I just had to go in and get my license renewed, it was
time for a new picture. That meant I had to get rid of this old one:


Yes I know…the hair, the lack of a smile, the HAIR. It’s all
a disaster. Trust me, that hairstyle will never be coming back. I did make sure to smile
in my new picture. (Side Note: Much thanks to the kind folks at the Syracuse
DMV. I certainly recommend going in the early morning.)

Looking back at fashion trends from eras past is always a
fun thing. Bellbottoms are long gone, tie-dye should never make a return, and
leg warmers and crazy hair are so 1980’s.

Unfortunately, my hairstyle was never a popular trend
despite what any 2000’s vintage movement to bring back any of the above might say.

So I live with the poor decision to not cut my hair back in
the day. 


In other news, when Jason and I were at PNC Field in Moosic,
we made a stop for lunch at Bo Brothers restaurant. It’s located on the right
field concourse and serves some excellent smoked wings.

If you’re at all familiar with the Travel Channel show Man vs. Food, you’ll
get the concept of what we did.

Jason got the grand tour of Bo Brothers from owner Jim Ruby
and I got to eat twelve smoked wings dipped in their signature Bo Burner sauce.

Watch the video and see how it went:

Thanks for checking in. As always, feel free to get in touch


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