International League Man vs. Food: Buffalo Edition

Fried Bologna Sandwich.

Sounds intriguing, right?

Try eating four of these sandwiches:


Full Sandwich.JPG


That was the task that I was given during our must recent
stop at Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo. I had eaten a light lunch of a turkey
sandwich on a croissant at the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery (highly recommended if you’re in town), as a
nice warm up course for what was to come.

When I envisioned fried bologna in my head, I thought of
something that would go on a regular sandwich of the cold cut variety:




Oh how wrong I was. The bologna on this sandwich was thick
and it was about twice the size of a regular piece of Oscar Mayer bologna. Not
only that, there was a roll and sautéed peppers and onions to go along with it.
Oh, and a slice of cheese. At least my arteries were smiling.

Robert Free, the Director of Food Service operations at
Coca-Cola Field, put four sandwiches down in front of me complete with chips. Jason
was standing by with the camera–a big smile on his face as he knew my failure
to consecutively eat four sandwiches was imminent.

I made it through the first with no problem and then started
to devour the second. My bites got smaller and smaller until I had one bite
remaining in the second sandwich that I just could not finish.

I was Thanksgiving Day stuffed-full-of-turkey-and-mashed
full. The troll in my stomach would not allow another piece of food to
pass over the bridge into my mouth. And so, I was left with just this on the


Half Eaten.JPG


It was a finish as disappointing as Michigan losing to
Appalachian State, or a Buckner error at first. One of my friends on Facebook
told me it was a “sad, sad performance.”

I’ll let you be the judge. But let he or she who lives in a
bologna house cast the first…roll?

“A Certain Ornithological Piece”


For those of you that joined us for game one of the series in
Buffalo– if you thought we talked about birds a lot, well it was because bird was the word.


(Watch this Family Guy clip if you missed the reference:

There were seagulls everywhere around Coca-Cola Field
on Monday. Regulars in the pressbox said the birds were usually around, but not
quite as plentiful.

During the rain delay on Wednesday night, they made
themselves at home on the field:



Jason even quipped, “I think Coca-Cola Field is made out of
It certainly seemed possible on Monday.

The birds hung around for the rest of the series, but there
were never as many as the first game of the series.



Tonight the Chiefs and Bulls play the last of this four game sereis here at
Alliance Bank Stadium. Join us for the On Deck show at 6:30 and first pitch at 7:00 on 620 WHEN or at


As always, you can get in touch with me via email at
or with both of us on Twitter @ChiefsRadio.



1 Comment

Couzens, your wordsmithery may very well have set up the consumption of these sandwiches as some kind of herculean task, but they can’t obfuscate the downright wimpitude with which you have disgraced this entire broadcast team. For shame, sir!

Also, talk to you tonight!

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