Odds and ends

Morning tidbits from Charlotte:

-Leonard Davis hit a pair of homers in yesterday’s game to provide all of the Chiefs’ runs.  It was the third multi-homer game of his career.  He had one in ’07 against the Astros’ South Atlantic League affiliate (one of the homers came off of Bud Norris) and one in ’08 against the Tigers’ Eastern League affiliate.

-Erik Arnesen’s seven-inning outing was the first of that length or more since J.D. Martin’s start on May 22nd.

-Don’t forget about the 1st Annual High School Baseball Classic Tuesday at 6:00 PM.  Seniors from 19 different high schools are scheduled to play in the nine-inning game.  My TV partner, Steve Grilli and my former radio partner, Mark Lukasiewicz, are the honorary managers.  Bring your kids….anyone 12 and under is free.  Tickets for you folks older than 12 are just five bucks. 

-Did you see Charlotte’s parent club nearly get no-hit last night?  The White Sox got a ninth-inning hit from Juan Pierre (ex-Cub alert) to break Ted Lilly’s bid up.  Then, the Sox almost won…..they loaded the bags and couldn’t score.

-The Chiefs are 11 games over .500.  I think it’s because their philanthropic better-halves keep them balanced.  The Chiefs’ wives are holding a bake sale at the park on June 25th.  Proceeds will go toward the fight against world hunger.  Give the link here a click:


I know there are people who read this blog that never had to worry about what was in the fridge or the pantry.  I am one of those people.  Imagine what it would be like to come home from school–worn out from a day in class–and not have anything there to recharge with.  Then do it all week.  And all month. 

-Naked Gun was on CMT last night.  So, if I begin to chant “Enrico Palazzo” on the broadcast tonight, you’ll know why, Funny Face.

-We’ll be on the air at 6:45 on sportsradio620.com and locally at 620 AM on your radio.  Game time is 7:15.


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