Danny’s Song OR Collin All Chiefs

It’s almost October.  Can you believe that?  I mean, really.  Time flies.  And how ’bout that weather….it’s really  been scorching over the past week.  

Wait a second.  Why am I treating you, dearest blog reader, like a random person on the elevator?  That’s inappropriate.  I’m sorry.

For me, it feels like  a year since the Chiefs’ season ended when, in fact, it’s been no longer than three weeks at the time of this writing.  That Labor Day afternoon in Pawtucket was rather similar to the other finales I’ve ever seen.  Some players are excited the season’s over (they get to see their families or, less harmoniously, get to become free agents); others can’t really believe it’s time to put baseball away for half a year.  For the manager of the Chiefs, though, the season was not over.  Trent Jewett was summoned to the big-league team as an extra coach upon the conclusion of the season.  He was reunited there with Wilson Ramos, Joe Bisenius, Collin Balester and the rest of the ex-Chiefs on the Nats’ lineup card.  Trent also has under his watch one of his favorite players from his Indianapolis days, the much-in-the-news Nyjer Morgan.  Knowing Trent after a season, he’ll work until he finds a way to get Njyjer to stop doing Robin Ventura impersonations 

Let’s be honest, the Nats are a haven for former 2010 Chiefs right now.  In case you’ve been in football mode, here’s a rapid-fire what-are-they-now:

RHP Collin Balester:  Owns a major-league ERA of 2.12 in 14 appearances.  Has not allowed a run of any kind in 12 innings and a third, dating back to August 3rd.  He’s getting 2.5 ground balls for every fly ball.  We told you in late July he seemed to have bought into the reliever concept and turned a corner.  Looks like that shoe still fits.

RHP Joe Bisenius:  Has allowed just one run in four appearances–a solo homer for Carlos Ruiz against Bisenius’ former team, the Phillies.  In August, when we were in Louisville, I rode over to the park with Greg Booker and Bats outfielder Dave Sappelt.  When I came upon Book and Dave, they were talking about a reliever from the previous night whom Sappelt couldn’t believe was in the minors.  That man was Joe Bisenius.

RHP Yunesky Maya:  Has made four starts.  Has lost three of them.  Has thrown no more than 92 pitches and has finished six innings only once.  Throws so many breaking balls–a scout told me that Maya’s going to have to mix in the fastball more if he’s going to have any chance to be successful.  Keep showing the breaking stuff, the scout said, and MLB hitters will be all over it.

OF Michael Morse:  .296, 13 HR, 38 RBI.  Has walked in seven of his last eight games.  Most people involved with the Chiefs–and listeners alike–know that I like Michael Morse and his game.  When he was rehabbing in Toledo, though, Morse gave me a reason to appreciate him even more.  Talking to me for our On-Deck Show, Morse told me that he had finally figured out what he was–he’s someone that can play a number of positions at the big-league level and who should have success.  That’s why he was so down about his early-season injury.  He knew he was going to have a monster season.  Changed his mindset completely in the offseason, he said.  Good for him.

C Wilson Ramos:  Has a hit in five straight at the time of this writing.  Battered knuckleballer R.A. Dickey for a homer and a double on September 8th against the Mets.

IF Danny Espinosa:  With Jordan Zimmermann on the mound on September 6th, Espinosa hit a pair of homers, including a grand slam.  Jim Riggleman had this to say, “It’s one of those days where you really feel good about the direction the organization is going, you know, Zimmermann’s out there, young athletic guys are out there, everybody’s swinging the bat…It was a good day. It’s a statement for the organization that, as we say, “there is light at the end of the tunnel.”    Coincidentally enough, that day was one of two in 21 appearances in which Espinosa played his natural position, shortstop.  In each of his other starts, Espinosa has manned second base.  In the two games in which Espinosa has been the shortstop, Ian Desmond has not been in the lineup.

Football note of the week:  Congrats to F-M’s Hornets on starting the season at 4-0 with a win over Utica-Proctor Friday.  The offensive line opened up more holes than Woodward and Bernstein in the ’70s.

Travel note of the week:  I found out Saturday morning that I didn’t know what metal detectors actually detect.  A TSA agent at the conveyor belt at Hancock Saturday morning asked me if my belt usually sets off the alarm.  “No,” I said, never having to take off my belt previously.  I amble through the gray checkpoint and the siren sounds.  I wonder silently if the agent who asked that question is some sort of warlock.  I take off my belt, put it in a circular tub for screening and walk through again.  I’m clean.  

As I stride to gate 21, I place my phone back in my left pocket.  As I do so, my hand lands on the perp.  I had detached my Alliance Bank Stadium key from my ring for the trip to Syracuse.   Mathematically, then:

Belt = no alarm

Key = no alarm

Belt + key = alarm

I would have bet a lot of money that metal detectors scoured my person for types of metal, not a volume of metal.  That’s obviously not the case.

Stupid Benetti moment of the week:  As I fished my license out of my pocket so the gatekeeper with the fluorescent light at security could verify that I indeed am me, I realized I still possessed the keys to my rental car.   No, Jason, you can’t keep the tomato-red Chrysler Sebring.

Hey, and check out the front page of syracusechiefs.com.  Those nifty retro jerseys from Throwback Thursday are up for auction along with some Strasburg bric-a-brac.  I think you’ll see something you like.  

Oh, before I forget, the offseason does not exist for my email.  Send your notes or questions to jasonbenetti@syracusechiefs.com.   If it’s a hard question, I may refer you to the appropriate quiz on sporcle.com.


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