Greetings Chiefs Fans and Sporcle II: The Sequel

Hello, people of Syracuse and Chiefs fans all over the globe, from your new play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Brown.  You may have read Jason’s latest post which introduced me in an unfair light.  I would like to reassure those faithful readers that I would never play Freecell on your computer…that is, unless you didn’t have Hearts and/or Solitaire as well.  Anyway, a little bit about me – I’m a big fan of all things sports, movies, and music.  If I weren’t doing this, I might be a movie critic – only because I can’t play guitar or sing.  (But I can play piano!)  To learn more, tune in to Chiefs broadcasts this year or stay tuned to the blog.  As Jason would say, that’s called a tease in the industry.

OK, here’s a little more: I’m on track to graduate this May from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.  Let’s hope Communications Law doesn’t prohibit me from reaching that goal.  I’m currently sports director at SU’s student-run station, WAER-FM, and just got to call the fourth quarter of the Orange’s Pinstripe Bowl win over Kansas State.  I’ve also done The majority of lacrosse, football, and basketball games over the past year.  I spent this past summer calling games for the Mat-Su Miners of the Alaska Baseball League, which unfortunately meant I had to spend the summer in Alaska.  Yes, it’s beautiful, and no, I wouldn’t recommend staying there for an extended period of time.  I’m petrified (wait, does he read these?  I mean, I’m excited) about working with Jason this year – and I can promise that we’ll make for an interesting broadcast, no matter the score.
Finally, as a reward for those of you who trudged through my mini-bio, here’s our second Chiefs-related sporcle quiz of the year, combining your two favorite things: Chiefs baseball and Sporcle.  Find it at
Look forward to meeting you all and enjoying some great Chiefs baseball this year.

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