Hot Stove and Other News

Hello again from your resident new guy.  I’m back from attending the 50th annual Chiefs Hot Stove Dinner and Silent Auction – and what a great night it was.  (There was even an actual hot stove, which was a shock to me, and even more of a shock to a woman who was shocked at how shocked I was.  Make sense?)  It was a pleasure to talk with so many Chiefs fans and members of the organization.  Some of those even come with audio – new Chiefs manager Randy Knorr, Nationals manager Jim Riggelman, soon-to-be-Chiefs pitcher Ryan Tatusko, and Baseball Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson.  Expect those on the blog sooner rather than later.


Speaking of words that end in “all” of Fames, the Chiefs announced their 2011 Wall of Fame class.  Six new members will be inducted on August 13th – check them out here.  We’re certainly looking forward, as far away as it seems, to what should be another special day for the Chiefs.


Finally, I want to remind everyone that I am not Mike Couzens (though I was asked tonight), but I will certainly do my best to live up to the job he did last season.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike at SU for the last 3 and a half years and there’s zero doubt in my mind he has a bright future ahead of him.  I look forward to Syracuse and Dayton playing a crossover AAA/A game.  Or maybe that idea was placed into my brain via inception.  I don’t know.  Either way, Mike will do an awesome job, and we’ll be sure to step up and do an awesome job replacing him.


Stay tuned for some new sporcles (is that a word?) as well in the coming days and weeks.  Only 76 days to Opening Day!

– Kevin Brown

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