Live from Space Coast – Nats/Astros, March 11th

8:00: Sorry for those of you avidly following along – Jason and I have been wandering around the press box and the ballpark, sitting in on MASN’s game broadcast and now chatting with Chiefs GM John Simone down in the stands.  The Nats bats have been stifled with Houston leading 5-1 in the 5th.  Washington has just two hits, one of which was a Mike Morse home run to center field.  Livan Hernandez struggled in the third inning, giving up 3 runs on some very hard hit balls.  Stay tuned for more…

6:17 (Bottom 1st): After routine flyouts by Morgan and Desmond, Jayson Werth works a seven-pitch walk.  Don’t be alarmed by Werth hitting just .133 here in Florida…he hit a mere .203 in last year’s spring training and followed that up with a line of .296/.388/.532 with 27 HR and 95 RBI.

6:14 (Bottom 1st): A fan just dropped a routine foul pop up – while wearing a glove.  We’re talking a middle-aged man with a baseball cap – you wear a glove, you have absolutely no excuse but to catch the ball.  That’s just disappointing.

6:10 (Top 1st): Chris Johnson just shot a hot groundball into the Astros dugout.  Ah, the dangers of having 25 people hanging on the railing during spring training.  He then strikes out…a nice, easy first for Livan.

6:08 (Top 1st): You know you’re having a good ST when I can use the verb “plummet” in the following appropriate way: Hunter Pence’s average has plummeted to .440 following yesterday’s 0-fer against the Nationals.  He works back up here with a sharp single to right.

6:06 (Top 1st): Same top 3 for Houston as last night – Jason Bourgeois in CF, Clint Barmes at SS, Hunter Pence in RF.  Carlos Lee gets the night off.  Livan is junkballing his way through the first to no one’s surprise with a strikeout and a meek popout to start.

Hello all – Kevin back again.  Tonight Jason and I will be double-teaming the ol’ Twitter (@ChiefsRadio)…I’ll be posting photos from last night and possibly tonight’s games, and Jason will probably wander around and make fun of stuff again.  Anyway, time for another running diary of Nats/Astros action.  For Chiefs fans – be sure to stay tuned to the end of this one.  The starting lineup is very big-league heavy but we expect some late-game subs as is customary.  Livan Hernandez takes the hill with the following lineup behind him:

CF Morgan
SS Desmond
RF Werth
3B Zimmerman
LF Ankiel
1B Morse
C Rodriguez
DH Flores
2B Gonzalez
Rick Ankiel’s the only lefty in tonight’s lineup against Astros right-hander Lance Pendleton.  Rick had a rough night last night, 0-4 with 3 strikeouts against left-handed pitching.  But as I noted last night – Ankiel’s OPS was .801 versus righties last year, opposed to .452 vs lefties. So expect a better showing from the plate as he tries to solidify an outfield spot in Washington.  More to come so keep updating this page.

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