2011: A Chiefs Odyssey. Number 12.

Over the last several days, Kevin and I have been holed up in isolation chambers, deprived of food, drink and sleep, and subjected to only reruns of Arsenio on the one TV monitor facing us.  Our project:  To decide on the top 12 most memorable on-field moments in the 2011 season for the Syracuse Chiefs.

Memorable, in this case, means whatever it does to the two of us individually.  Our lists were compiled without discussing with each other what should be included.  We may have the same thoughts.  We may not.  We will learn what the other believes as the list is revealed.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we are incorrect, corrupt, despicable or simply lovely.

Some of these were easy choices.  Others weren’t.  A few got left on the cutting room tile.  Yes, tile.  Our cutting room is ritzy.

Here is my 12th most memorable moment of the 2011 Chiefs season:

#12 A Herd-binger of games to come

On April 8th–day two of the season–the Chiefs and Bisons went into the 8th inning with just one run on the board.  Buffalo scored in the third on an RBI single from Jason Pridie.  The Chiefs, though, scored a pair of runs in the eighth on Chris Marrero’s second Triple-A hit (his first came in the fourth).  The Chiefs, though, had the lead for all of a few fleeting minutes.  In the bottom of the inning, Val Pascucci doubled home Pridie with two out to tie the game.  That sent the game into extra innings.  The Chiefs placed a pair of runners on base in the 11th and 12th and loaded the bases in the 13th but couldn’t score.    In the bottom of the 13th, Jason Pridie led off with a single against Matt Chico, the sixth Syracuse pitcher of the night.  Chico replaced J.D. Martin who, in his first outing of the year, went four innings and allowed just two baserunners.  Justin Turner then singled.  After a Fernando Martinez sacrifice bunt, the Chiefs intentionally walked Pascucci leaving the game in the hands of Zach Lutz.

Wild pitch wins game two for Buffalo

Matt Chico took the loss and Jose de la Torre got the win.  13 pitchers entered.  That, in all its 4 hour and 26 minute glory, was the first of five extra inning games between the Bisons and Chiefs last season.    It also left the Chiefs in the middle of gridlock en route to the next destination, Allentown, PA.

See, that night the Sabres had defeated the Flyers in overtime about a mile away at HSBC Arena to guarantee a playoff berth.  So, thanks to Thomas Vanek’s game winner 1:16 into overtime, Kevin and I were in the midst of hundreds of Sabres fans rhythmically sounding “Let’s Go Buffalo” on their car horns.  Our arrival in Allentown is saved for a future Top 12 list.

Kev, what do you have for #12?

Tell us what moments you remember most in Chiefs baseball 2011.  Email us at jasonbenetti@syracusechiefs.com or at kevinbrown@syracusechiefs.com.



I HAVE to comment on Jason’s pick for # 12, if it was Day 2 of the season, does that mean it was actually the 1st Game, because opening day got rained out? If so, I was at the first game of the year, I played hookie as I had taken 1/2 the prior day off for Opening Day.
So here I am in a great seat behind home plate (Sect. 200, Row 1, Seat 12) and I’m trying to be discreet, but I notice Time-Warner Sports is there televising, Oh God, I moan, Nah, I should be OK. Next thing I know, the PA guy is announcing my name to report to Customer Service as I’ve been selected to be the contestant for the TWS Dice Roll. What’s the chance that was heard on TV? Not much I hoped. Then, oh my God, I’m brought up into one of those very nice suites and at the end of the inning I’m brought out to the balcony’s edge where I’m told to toss the dice, but wait till the commercial is over because I’ll be doing this on live TV. YIKES!! Great, I think. With my luck my boss will be at lunch and they’ll have the game on, I’m a dead duck now!
So, what do I go and do?? I roll a perfect pair of Time Warner Sports on the dice which gives more attention because it’s the 1st roll of the year and it’s a big winner.
Hoping that no more attention is granted my way, doesn’t a YNN Videographer set up his camera and tripod exactly right in front of me on the sidewalk and interviews John Simone. Whew. I thought, until he finishes with John and swings around to say, Hi, I’m so and so, may I interview you for a story I’m doing about opening day??
What the hell, being a Public Relations guy, I couldn’t turn that down, so I do the interview and sure enough, I got more face time then the GM did.
Well, to end this story, the next few days no one at work says a blessed thing so I did all that fretting for nothing!

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