2011: A Chiefs Odyssey – Jason’s #8

If they were all alive today, which Beatle would be most likely to date Rebecca Black?

#8:  Time is on my side.

In the ’90s, Denzel Washington made a movie called “Fallen” with John Goodman.  In it, a demon took over the bodies of humans.  It was transferred by contact.  When it took over a body, we, the viewers, could tell because the person started to act strangely.  In one scene, this spirit gets passed around from person to person, and the one with the curse sings a few bars of The Rolling Stones’  “Time is on My Side.”  Here, watch:

This creeped me out for at least a year of my childhood.  I distinctly remember being at Epcot Center with my family and losing my mind when someone bumped into me.  I immediately found someone else to touch to get the spirit out of me.  If you no longer are interested in listening to Chiefs games, I understand.

Four days before the end of the season, the Chiefs went to Rochester for the first of a two-game series with the Wings.  Kevin went to do the first game without me because of a football obligation.  Boy did I miss a doozy.  I’m gonna guess that Kev’s gonna tell you about it somewhere on his list, but I got in the car after our Time Warner football game that night and heard Kev say something about being on pace for the longest game of the season.  I then went out to dinner with a friend, checking the score on my phone.  The Chiefs beat the Wings in 10 innings in a robust 4:08.

It still might be going on if not for this:

The game was bogged down, I hear, by a seven-run fifth for Rochester. Listening to the postgame show, it sounded like Kevin had just crawled through a car wash while simultaneously being forced to do geometry proofs.  Nothing would have been surprising after what just happened.

What I neglected to realize, though, as I followed the game was a transportation error on my part.  Kevin and I drove together to the previous stop on the trip, Buffalo.  We drove to Rochester postgame Friday and both spent the night there.  In the morning, I drove to Syracuse.

Leaving Kevin with no car at the stadium.  So, when we talked postgame, he let me know that I needed to pick him up after he took the bus to the ballpark.  Proving once again that four hour, eight minute baseball games having wide-ranging sleep repercussions.

I’m sure you’ll actually hear about the game from KB at some point on this journey.

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