2011: A Chiefs Odyssey – Jason’s Number 5

Kevin, you assume that Randy used words like *bleep* and *bleeping*, but I don’t know where you’d get that idea.  I’ve never heard such coarse language………….


#5:  Mr. Peacock, with the encore, in the bank


Generally, these moments which we’ve walked through so far have been stand alone, ad hoc moments.  They haven’t needed any context to propel them to whichever spot they’ve been in.  This one got a little prop-up from the night before.


On July 26th, the Chiefs were perfected by Justin Germano of the Clippers.  Nobody reached base.   This, I believe, will show itself somewhere up the ladder on the list.


That next morning, Kevin and I spent time trying to get highlights to ESPN, talking on radio shows and generally doing research on perfect games–how rare they are, who’s done it.


That evening, two hot-shot young pitchers took the hill at Alliance Bank Stadium.  Jeanmar Gomez and Brad Peacock, ages 22 and 23 then, respectively, went out for game two of the series between Columbus and Syracuse.


In the anti-climax of all anti-climaxes, Luis Valbuena walked in the first for Columbus and both Seth Bynum and Michael Aubrey singled for the Chiefs.  No perfect game.  Sad.


Columbus had four baserunners on in the first four innings.  All via the walk.  Beau Mills reached on an error in the fifth.  In the sixth, Columbus went 1-2-3.  Still no hits.  Perfect game one night, no-hitter the next?  Beau Mills led the eighth off:



With that soaring fly ball, Mills made sure that no history would be definitively made at the ballpark that night.  Beau Mills sent Peacock to the land of:






In seven innings, Brad Peacock was a one-hit wonder, one night after Germano.  And, as we just saw, a night before Randy Knorr’s launch-a-ball.


(Editor’s note:  If the preceding videos do not cause some sort of musical argument between me and Kevin, I will be surprised.)


Peacock, by the way, went to the big leagues about a month later and allowed one run on seven hits in 12 innings.  Good luck guessing the Nats’ rotation next year.





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