2011: A Chiefs Odyssey – Jason’s Number 4

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin…..have you not been to http://www.bahamen.com recently?  The group’s new single, “Go”, is now available.  How dare you brand such an iconic and versatile collection of artists as a one-hit wonder?  Scoff.  The Baha Men make Oasis look one-dimensional.  I mean, who actually can tell the difference between Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova?

#4 I think I’ll go to Boston
As I was walking out of my Civil Rights Remedies course February 4th, I received a text message from one of the voices of the PawSox, Dan Hoard.  It said “Did you hear that we’re playing in Fenway in August?”

Awesome, I thought.

As I reached the parking lat at Wake Forest, I called Kevin to let him know.

Awesome, he said.

We were both right.

On August 19th, the Chiefs beat the Gwinnett Braves in the series finale at Alliance Bank Stadium.  Then, we all loaded on the bus for Beantown and a 4:30 start time in the shadow of the Green Monster the next day.

The bus ride was long.  It was made even longer by our driver’s difficulty in finding our hotel in downtown Providence.  This hotel might as well have been Atlantis.  At least when searching for the lost city, there are no one-way streets. at the bottom of the ocean.

We finally got to the Marriott at roughly 3 A.M.  For whatever reason, I wasn’t terribly tired.  So, I turned on the TV to find Piers Morgan embroiled in a roundtable discussion regarding his own conduct on his show the night before.  Christine O’Donnell walked off of his show and claimed Morgan was sexist afterward for asking about her stance on gay marriage.  This was riveting viewing.  His guests said Piers wasn’t sexist.  I’m sure he slept like a little baby because of that result.

The next morning, we woke up and drove to McCoy Stadium, the home of the Pawtucket Red Sox.  That’s where the Chiefs dressed for the game–Fenway’s clubhouses were off limits.

As the team got ready, I wandered outside to watch some of the Chiefs–Garrett Mock and Josh Wilkie among them–play catch on the field.  That didn’t last for long, though, as the skies opened to unleash some of the heaviest rain you can imagine.

Sometime during the rainstorm, Jeff Frazier strolled out of the clubhouse and took residence of a seat on the bench nearby.  Shortly later, Steve Lombardozzi wandered outside.  He said something to the effect of, “We better play.”  See, Lombardozzi was with the Potomac team a year before when it was rained out at Fenway Park.  A no-go for Lombo was a no-no.

Frazier, sensing an opening, told Lomardozzi that the game would be postponed at any sign of rain in order to preserve Fenway for the big Red Sox.  Lombardozzi, crestfallen, went inside.  Frazier had his fun.

And, there was no need to unveil Frazier as a jokester.  When we arrived at Fenway–through the garage entrance–the sun was beaming down.  Kevin and I were whisked by a Red Sox staffer to the press box where we would sit for the game.

After we dropped our stuff off, we each wandered around to take pictures of the scenery.  I walked to the right-field bleachers and sat and stared.  I wanted to act like I’d been there.  But I hadn’t.  I was mush inside.  Chilling.  What a place.

Soon after, I found Josh Jones and Paul Fairbanks in a suite reserved for the Chiefs.   Everyone seemed to have something in common that day:  we all thought it was funny to speak in bad Boston accents.  As we walked toward the press box, Paul, Josh, Josh’s friend and I came upon Kevin who was walking a ramp parallel to ours.  This exchange followed:

Kevin:  Where were you?

Me: <pointing> Ovah theah.

This is our idea of fun.  After the Double-A game ended–Binghamton beat Portland–we set up our equipment and sat down.  At Fenway Park.  To call a game.


The Chiefs players were standing in the dugout.  The relievers were standing in the bullpen.  24 kids in a candy store.  And two upstairs.

Early on, Bard Meyers looked sharper than PawSox starter Kyle Weiland.  But, Meyers gave  up the first run:

It was Pawtucket’s only run.  The Chiefs came back and won against the PawSox and reliever Tommy Hottovy, who Kevin and I both thought all season was perfectly cast in the Red Sox bullpen…

Accurate portrayal, I think.

Hottovy gave up a tatah to Corey Brown and the Chiefs won 3-1.  Amazing day.

P.S. I got an extra tour of the ballyard.  I left my scorebook in the radio booth and had to sprint through Fenway to get it while a bleary-eyed bus waited for me.  I’m sure you all had a great time at my expense, Kev.

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