2011: A Chiefs Odyssey – Jason’s Number 3


So you short-shrifted Aubrey because you weren’t there?  Boy, oh boy.  Is the U.S. over Russia less of an upset because you weren’t born?  Is The Sing-Off less of a show because you don’t watch it?


As an aside, The Sing-Off is an a capella singing competition where vocal groups battle–without musical accompaniment–for a recording contract.  Each week, when one of the “bands” gets booted, the show forces them to sing one more time to say goodbye.  That usually yields awkward glances and feigned sadness, but this week, a group from Rochester used it to make a funny:



#3:  But they sent you away, oh Randy


Chiefs manager Randy Knorr’s door is always open.  Asleep on the couch, door open.  Writing a report, door open.  Talking to his mother on the phone, door open.  He is a welcoming and engaging soul.


On July 28th, he opened the door to hilarity and welcomed applause by engaging in an argument that came directly from his soul.


With Tommy Milone on the hill, the Chiefs facing the Columbus Clippers and a pair of LPGA Futures Tour golfers visiting the radio booth, IL veteran Shelley Duncan came to the plate in the third.  After fouling one pitch off to Jupiter down the left-field line, Duncan bashed another…



That decision lasted for roughly 30 seconds….until:



A few points:


1) Randy Knorr flung one ball left of the foul pole to indicate what fair looked like and what foul looked like.  We later learned that a previous manager of his did something similar while Randy was here as a player in Syracuse.


2) First base umpire Kelvin Bultron decided to overrule plate umpire Fran Burke.


3) Randy Knorr credits Jeff Mandel as the MVP of the display.  When Knorr demanded two baseballs, Mandel armed him perfectly from the left-field bullpen.  Both baseballs, Knorr says, hit him square in the hands.


4) The golfers in the booth were highly entertained.


5) Randy received a phone call the next morning from one of the Nationals staffers who was visiting Short Season-A Auburn.  That staff member told Randy he saw a crazy manager on TV that night….and realized pretty quickly that the crazy manager was Randy.


A crowd-pleaser.





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