On the blog horizon…..

Countdowns  take a lot out of a person.  Just look at how much energy Europe had to expend for its last one.

Good news is, we’re back now.  And we’re going to have a grand old time.  At our own expense.  And, we think, with your help.

Behold, the Chiefs Culture Challenge.

You ever see a movie preview and say:

“Wow, I bet that’s going to be horrible.”

And then, you overhear a friend say she saw that movie and you say, “Oh really, how was it?”

You don’t want to do it yourself, but you’re dying to know what it’s like.

Enter the Chiefs Culture Challenge.

Each week, Kevin or I will take a dip into the pool of Americana and test out something new, something interesting…..something cultural.

Movies.  TV shows.  Books.  Food.  Music.  Anything and everything.

On Kevin’s week, I’ll choose what he’ll be watching, reading, eating or listening to and, subsequently, reviewing.  The next week, we’ll switch.

And we want your ideas for challenges.  Think that new Arby’s sandwich looks hideous?  Email us.  A new Lifetime show very very slightly catches your fancy, but not enough to watch it yourself?  Email us.

jasonbenetti@syracusechiefs.com and kevinbrown@syracusechiefs.com

First up, Kevin.  I’ve chosen this:


Smut.  Changeups.  And more smut.


Also, be on the lookout for a Q&A series with former Chiefs.  That’ll help carry us through the offseason….

If you have anyone you’d like to hear from, email us and we’ll try to track that person down.


JB and KB

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