Offseason Q&A–Ryan Tatusko

Hey folks, Jason here.  You know, the good-looking one in the red.

Late last year, the Nationals added Ryan Tatusko to the Chiefs roster.  In gaining Tatusko, the Chiefs got a right-handed pitcher AND a social media maven.  He’s an absolute must-follow on Twitter.

And since he’s so darn good at it, we decided to take our Q&A to his home court Tuesday.

So, here it is, as seen on Twitter @RyanTatusko and @ChiefsRadio (Ryan’s responses begin with @ChiefsRadio and are in bold):


@RyanTatusko What have you done this offseason?

@ChiefsRadio I got to play winter ball in venezuela which was amazing, I took a little time off with family and friends but I’m training now

@ChiefsRadio in Indiana.

@ChiefsRadio I got to play winter ball in venezuela which was amazing, I took a little time off with family and friends but I’m training now

@RyanTatusko What’s your training routine?

@ChiefsRadio I have a facility here that drew and I used to go too, so I’ll go throw and work on mechanics for about an hr to 90min then

@ChiefsRadio I get my running in then it’s off to the gym!

@ChiefsRadio i get to the gym about 4 days a week, but I’ll throw and run 5

@RyanTatusko What’s the most memorable experience you had in Venezuela?

@ChiefsRadio umm we had a riot delay against Aragua because people wouldn’t stop throwing glass bottles on the field, that was interesting

@ChiefsRadio but playing wise I threw in front of about 20,000 people in caracas. The atmosphere was electrifying

@RyanTatusko You didn’t cause the riot delay, did you?

@ChiefsRadio hahah no, they werent happy that we scored 4 runs in the top of the inning so they got rowdy when the inning ended. I’ve had

@ChiefsRadio rain delays but that was my first riot delay

@RyanTatusko You wrote on your blog ( that you felt you turned a corner at the end last year. Why’d you feel that?

@ChiefsRadio pitching coach Greg Booker pointed some things out to me that I had previously noticed, and we worked a lot and felt

@ChiefsRadio I was really turning a corner in feeling more comfortable with my lower body mechanics and I felt like the results were

@ChiefsRadio starting to show on the field, I feel I had my best outings in the last month of the yr, not only that but the good outings

@ChiefsRadio we’re more consistent, unfortunately I hit the end of the year, but I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off in 2012

@chiefsradio Make that 2011 lol

@RyanTatusko We didn’t know you could see into the future.🙂 What teammates have you talked to most this offseason?

@ChiefsRadio I saw a lot of Wilkie, Maldonado, and Flores in Venezuela so I talked to them a lot. I also said my goodbyes to peacock and

@ChiefsRadio Milone.

@RyanTatusko What was your favorite city to travel to in the International League last year?

@ChiefsRadio I enjoyed Scranton and the “haunted hotel” it was funny listening to everyone psych themselves out! But I enjoyed the city

@ChiefsRadio I also liked Leigh valley, and Gwinnett those were my top 3.

@ChiefsRadio I cannot wait to be in indianapolis since I grew up 20min from the stadium

@RyanTatusko So have you seen a bunch of @indyindians games?

@ChiefsRadio in the summers I would find any reason to go too @indyindians games. I would say I’ve been to 50+ games there.

@RyanTatusko Have you tinkered with any of your pitches this offseason? Added any pitches?

@ChiefsRadio tinkered…..yes. With changes in mechanics comes constant tinkering, I’m trying to throw more 2 seamers to compliment my

@ChiefsRadio cutter, I’ve thrown a 2 weaker before so I guess you can say I’m re-adding it and tinkering with it!

@RyanTatusko Are you a movie guy? Seen any good movies this offseason?

@MegNgoz: I have a dedicated BF. He’s working out while doing a twitter interview🙂 #myHero” see in multi tasking @ChiefsRadio

@ChiefsRadio big movie guy! Saw many in Spanish! Umm money all was good I was behind that curve since I was in vz. I liked real steel

@ChiefsRadio reminded me of playing rock em sock em robots as a kid… got any suggestions?

@RyanTatusko Wait a sec, you’re working out AND answering questions?

@ChiefsRadio in between sets……see!!!

@RyanTatusko You’re a magician. Few more before I let you go….what’s the one thing fans don’t but should know about a baseball clubhouse?

@ChiefsRadio oohhhhh good one! It’s like our zen room. We do whatever we can to be relaxed some people have their minds on the game and some

@ChiefsRadio don’t. There are a ton of things going on, but our life is in there. I spend 1/2 my day in there from eating, showering,

@ChiefsRadio surfing the net, or reading, it’s also where most of your friendships are made on the team. There and the bus rides!

@RyanTatusko Who’s going to win the Super Bowl? Careful, @MattAntonelli9 can read this….

@ChiefsRadio 31-20 pats…..they just look too good!!! I think @mattantonelli9 would agree

@RyanTatusko Playing to the crowd. Lastly, what are you most looking forward to about spring training?

@ChiefsRadio cleats on the dirt! There is only so much you can do indoors, I’m looking forward to getting back on the field and proving to

@ChiefsRadio myself that the true me is a better pitcher than what I showed in the first 3/4 of 2011….but most of all I’m looking forward

@ChiefsRadio to more twitterviews and conversations with you!


Great chatting with Ryan Tatusko.  It’s hard not to root for someone so open, honest and creative.  Get to know him on Twitter @RyanTatusko.  He’s a very welcoming guy.


Thursday on the blog, Kevin tells us exactly what he thinks about the music from Cats.  It’s the Chiefs Culture Challenge.   See you then for some mew-sings.





Hey guys.

Keep the interviews coming. Not a lot of comments here, but if folks are like me they are just reading them and enjoying.

We appreciate it. Thanks for letting us know.

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