Chiefs Culture Challenge: The Nutrition Diva

Who is that woman playing piano?  Or is it a guy in long hair and heels?  Liberace?


Kevin has decided that I, evidently, don’t eat well enough nor do I feel fabulous enough.  This week, my challenge was to listen to a podcast called “The Nutrition Diva:  Quick and Easy Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous.”  Kevin claims this podcast was randomly selected.  I believe him.  It was randomly selected from his iTunes.


The most recent episode is the one I caught.  It’s entitled “Mastering the Art of French Eating.”  Creme brulee sounds nice.


The diva, whomever she is, seems like a very welcoming woman.  She has a soft voice which very easily could be your tour guide through Tomorrowland.  She’s evidently spent the last few weeks in France.  This has led her to attempt to “adopt the French attitude toward food.”  30 seconds in, all I’ve learned is that the French have a lower obesity rate than we do.  Great.  Low-hanging fruit.







She has just told me–in a very appalled tone–that I am going to be shocked when I find out how much butter and cream is involved in haute cuisine.  Can’t wait.


We’re 96 seconds in and the woman has simply called the French pigs.  Nothing with a “little heart healthy icon” on a menu there, according to the diva.  Sorry, self-proclaimed diva.


This is the first time anyone has ever uttered the phrase “in my recent episode on coconut oil.” I have a feeling this will start a trend of coconut oil pordcast references.


…”you might remember her book ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat'”…come to think of it, I don’t.  And I never will.  Who writes these books?  Who reads them?  Who doesn’t burn them accidentally in a campfire?


Here’s the deal: The French don’t snack.  Ever.  That’s what I learned.  The art of French eating is to use a lot of butter and never snack.  I feel like a master of French eating. In six minutes and two seconds.


So, in order to prepare a French meal for Opening Day, I will:


1) Go to the grocery store

2) Ignore the snack food aisle

3) Buy lots of butter

4) Eat what I buy



Looks fantastic.  Thanks, nutrition diva.  Dig in.





Please check out the February 3rd episode, dear readers.  And let us know what you think.  It’s your own culture challenge:


Next week on the Culture Challenge….


We go to the Top 100 Films of all time, according to the American Film Institute.  Kevin fancies himself to be sardonic and irreverent.  And so, he will review a movie that is rather sardonic and irreverent.  It’s the Woody Allen/Diane Keaton classic from 1977, Annie Hall.  Kevin’s review next week….as long as it doesn’t get ravaged by Cossacks.


Send us your challenge ideas: or




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