Spring Training notepad: Friday, March 16th

The Nats made another round of cuts yesterday, some of which are quite likely to affect the Chiefs’ roster.  As a side note, the term “cuts” in this case means from the major=league roster.  These players are still under team control, but are now in minor=league camp:


*Yunesky Maya.  Last year’s Opening Day starter in Syracuse allowed two earned runs in four innings this MLB spring.  It’s still up in the air, it seems, as to whether or not Maya will be a starter.  There were some rumblings about making him a long reliever last year.

*Jeff Fulchino. A veteran of 163 MLB games with the Astros, Marlins and Royals, Fulchino didn’t give up a run in four spring innings.  He’s got nine MLB victories.

*Waldis Joaquin.  He allowed only one run in the three innings he worked this spring.  In 19 major-league games in his career, Joaquin has a 5.40 ERA.  All of those appearances have come with the Giants.


Fulchino and Joaquin will likely be members of the Chiefs’ bullpen.


-Chien-Ming Wang looked good yesterday before straining his hamstring covering first.  He struck out Brett Gardner on a nasty splitter.

-John Lannan–who does have an option remaining (meaning that he could be sent down to the minors without having to pass through waivers)–did not look good.  He coughed up four earned runs in four innings.

-The woman behind me had a Nationals staffer with a radar gun sit next to her.  She peppered him with questions.  “Where does the gun go when it’s done being used?” she asked.  She also said that she thought radar gun-holder would be a great retirement occupation.  Poor guy.

-Jim Strasburg, Stephen’s father, sat a row in front of us for the first few innings.  Was conversing with Bob Boone’s wife Sue about San Diego where they both grew up.

-The “Danger Will Robinson” sound effect is rather fun for a foul ball.

-Had dinner with new Chiefs strength and conditioning coach Ryan Pye Thursday night.  He’s from the Atlanta area and pitched in college.  A fine addition to the staff.


Today, we’ll be in Tampa for Nats-Yankees.  Talk to you then either here or on Twitter @ChiefsRadio.



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I don’t get it. The Chiefs played a game yesterday against Oklahoma City in Kissimmee but no one writes about it???

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