Spring Training Photo Gallery: March 14

Hello Chiefs fans – here’s a look at some pictures taken by our crack photography staff (also known as me and Jason) during the Nationals’ last two games.  The first set is from Washington’s trip to the Atlanta Braves at the Wide World of Disney ESPN Complex from yesterday, March 14, and the second set is from Washington’s home game against the New York Yankees from today, March 15.  Here’s our first set…


March 14

Former Chiefs manager Randy Knorr - now bench coach with the big club - goes out to exchange lineup cards.

A left field view of Champion Stadium, a beautiful park.

The view from in back of home.

Brett Carroll and Bryce Harper - two very different players, but could they both be future Chiefs?

Three more possible future Chiefs: OF Jason Michaels, 1B Tyler Moore and OF Mark Teahen.

Harper at the bat.

A guerrilla-style attempt to snap a picture of a Jason Bergmann jersey. Didn't quite work.

Former Chiefs manager Trent Jewett. I'll spare you the other four photos we took of him just standing there.

Strasmas in March.

Former Chief Jesus Flores gets congratulated after an opposite-field home run.

A view from the grassy hill in left field. What a beautiful stadium - not that we expect anything else from Disney.

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