Spring Training Photo Gallery: March 15

Here’s the second set of pictures from our trip to spring training.  They’re from today’s Nationals/Yankees game from Space Coast Stadium in Viera, the home of the Nats’ spring training complex.


The view from behind home plate at Space Coast Stadium. Another very nice stadium.

The view of a packed Nationals dugout.

Chien-Ming Wing in "The Anatomy of a Windup"...Part 1...

Part 2...

And the finale.

A gorgeous view from the first base side.

"Two roads diverged on a grassy field...and sadly they could not travel both."

The Nats' bullpen. So THAT'S where the missing staircase went.

Bryce Harper, out of the watchful gaze of two fans.

Former, and likely 2012 Chiefs catcher Jhonatan Solano. Happy to see him on the 40-man roster this offseason.

The scene after Chien-Ming Wang's injury. Thankfully, Wang looks to be OK.

Hey, Randy!

That’s all for tonight.  Jason’ll have some thoughts tomorrow morning.


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