Spring training notepad: Saturday, March 17th

Good morning everyone.  The Nats host the Marlins today….we’ll be headed over to the minor-league complex in a little bit to see what’s happening over there.


A few people have asked why we’re headed to the major-league games so often, rather than the Triple-A games which started Thursday.  The reasons are twofold.  First, the major-league roster is still above 40.  So, a good chunk of the players who are still in major-league camp will end up with the Chiefs.  Those players will likely make up more than half the roster.  Down the same lines, some minor-league camp guys get taken along for the big-league games periodically to help fill out the travel roster (Seth Bynum got two at-bats in the ten-inning game in Tampa yesterday).  In addition, the minor-league games are less-structured than major-league games.  Quite often the scores don’t even get reported.  It’s essentially a scrimmage whereas the major-league games are exhibition/preseason games.  That said, we’ll be venturing to the minor-league games for at least part of the next few days.  Other notes:


*Alex Rodriguez crushed a pitch from Craig Stammen over the left-field wall yesterday to tie the game at three.  Ran into Craig after the game and he said he thought he actually made a pretty good pitch.  He asked Alex why he would do such a thing to a good pitch.  Rodriguez said wryly, “I’m just trying to make the team.”  Those, by the way, were the first runs Stammen had allowed all spring.

*Former Chief Gustavo Molina is still hanging around at Yankees camp.  A good guy, and a great target behind the plate.

*Got a chance to chat with ex-Chief Justin Maxwell before the game.  He’s in his second season with the Yankees.  He’s on his third round through early fatherhood, with his household now comprised of two sons and a daughter.  All of the kids are under four.  Maxwell’s 7-for-17 this spring.  He’s out of minor-league options, so the Yankees have a decision to make.

*Gio Gonzalez is fun to watch up close.  The lefty who the Nationals got for Chief favorites Tommy Milone and Brad Peacock throws mid-90s without great effort.  A few Yankees started their swings when the ball was reaching the glove.

*In the first inning, Steve Lombardozzi cracked a single right past C.C. Sabathia’s mound.  Later, he made a whale of a diving play at third.  He could very easily make the big-league team.

*The Yankees bring their major-league P.A. announcer down to Tampa for the spring.  A classy operation, except for the parking attendants who all seemed to have swigged a bottle of lemon juice before coming to work.

*Good to see Randy Knorr take out the lineup card and Trent Jewett coach first.  They couldn’t be more different people–as shown by Jewett releasing Knorr in 2000–but they were both strategic managers in Syracuse who had the respect of their players.


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