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Compendium? Spelunk? Vas is dis? I love it when you talk dirty on this blog page Jason! LOL.
Hey, when are we going to be able to drink beer at the Stadium without our lips freezing to the lip of the cup? Can’t you do something about that? Like blow some of that heat up in your comfy little booth upstairs down to us frozen fansters in the stands.
And hey, did you or Kevin Brown put down the burger called Heart Attack on a bun, Errr, I mean the Split Fingered Hamburg? A quarter pound of fresh cooked ground beef served on a bed of shredded lettuce and tomato, then topped with melted cheddar, a slice of red onion and finally a ballpark frank, split in half of course. WOW! Along with a pile of fries, this was all the big guy needed (until the 3rd inning of course). Ovations only needs a way to figure out how to cut the wait time down, otherwise this author is extremely impressed by our new concessionaire. Oh, one other thing…having only one waitress on for the HomePlate Club on Opening Day was not real swift in my opinion.
See ya at the BallPark!

Gordy K.

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