Fab Four Friday: Episode One Reboot

In case you haven’t joined us for this previously, it’s Fab Four Friday again…..a walk down Beatles memory lane with Chiefs pitching coach Greg Booker.  For this week, we return to week one and see how far we’ve come…..


One of the oldest tricks in the stadium entertainment book is to taunt the visiting pitcher with music when his pitching coach is coming out to visit.  A staple in this category is “Help!” by The Beatles.  It’s the ballad of a lonely, outless pitcher:
“Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know I need someone, help.”

What other teams don’t know is that when the Chiefs are in town, pitching coach Greg Booker might be refreshed by that musical selection.  The man you may enjoy heckling after a poor outing from a member of the Chiefs staff is a music connoisseur.  Specifically, Booker is a Beatles history buff:  he’s got over 100 Beatles songs and has read nearly a dozen books devoted solely to the band.   On Friday this season, we’ll sit down with the former San Diego Padre and get his thoughts on a wide array of topics regarding the Fab Four.

First, here is Booker’s overarching reason why he likes The Beatles:

Jason Benetti: How did you get hooked on the Beatles?

Greg Booker:  I was just in high school.  We changed football coaches after my sophomore year.  Bob Paroli, who is a North Carolina Hall of Fame coach, he had a son named Mike who’s still a good friend of mine.  Mike came in and he was a big Beatles fan.  I liked The Beatles but didn’t really get enamored with them until I went to Mike’s house.  I was 15, maybe 16.  From that point on, they just captured me.

Benetti:  What’s your favorite Beatles song?

Booker: I put them in categories.  My favorite Beatles song would probably be One After 909.  It’s a rare track.  They play it on the Rooftop Concert which, incidentally, was their last concert together.  It’s got a real groovy guitar solo by George.  Billy Preston is up there playing it on the organ.

John wanted to make Billy the fifth Beatle but Paul had the quote, “four of us is enough.”

My favorite song where they sing harmony would be Rain.

My favorite bass song without a doubt is Paperback Writer.  I love the bass.  It’s amazing.

Benetti:  Name one of your favorite backstories to go along with a Beatles song.

Booker: Martha My Dear was written about Paul’s old English sheepdog named Martha.  But, he was really trying to send a message to Jane Asher, his old girlfriend.  I thought that was neat.


If you have any topics you’d like to see covered on Fab Four Friday, email jasonbenetti@syracusechiefs.com or tweet on Twitter @ChiefsRadio.  Book and I would love to hear from you.


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