(Third) Rate the IL Hotel: Durham

It’s time once again for the game which stocks its closet with hangers you can’t steal…….(Third) Rate the IL Hotel!  Here’s your host for (Third) Rate the IL Hotel…..Jason Benetti!

Thank you Charlie Tuna.  It’s a pleasure to be here along with you folks for another edition of (Third) Rate the IL Hotel.  It’s been a long time……20-game homestands and All-Star Breaks aren’t great for ratings, that’s for sure.  If you’ve just joined along, we present to to you a recent hotel the Syracuse Chiefs have stayed in, list three pros and three cons and assign a rating between 0 and 100.  This week’s contestant is the Downtown Durham Marriott!


1) Internet improvement.  Two seasons ago, when the Chiefs went to Durham, I had keys for a pair of rooms at the Marriott.  I wheeled my suitcase into the first room and opened my computer.  The web wouldn’t load.  I called the front desk  The man there said the music wouldn’t play.  He also said that he’d reset the Internet.  That didn’t help.  So, as a test, I brought my computer to a different floor and connected to the Internet.  Worked fine.  See, some hotels have routers scattered on every other floor.  That leaves the evens (or the odds) with weak wireless.  That was the case in that situation.  So, I got a different room.  This time around, the Internet was great in multiple locations.  Nicely done on the fix.

2) Proximity to sustenance.  Kevin and I had our first ever chicken and waffles experience just steps from the hotel’s side door (see below).

Also, a few blocks away was a neat little free-range burger joint with absolutely delectable food.  Plus, the park is nearby.

3) Generally nice.  The carpeting is nice.  The walls are nice.  The towel carts are nice.  The drapes are nice.  There’s something to be said about being clean and nice.  No real big blemishes.  That’s perfect in my book.  Nice.  (No, I don’t want your thesaurus.  Nice of you to offer, though.)


1)  Water switcheroo.  They used to have a tankard of flavored water at the exit.  Now they don’t.  That’s like when grocery stores used to have Boku.  Now they don’t.  Terrible.

Goes well with capers.

2) Overreaching engineering.  The ice machine on our floor was unavailable.  So, there was a neato sign in front of the alcove in which it was housed:

Very informative, but let’s be honest, engineering wouldn’t be that cordial.  Do you know any engineers?  Would they apologize for any inconvenience?  That’s like Boris Badenov apologizing for chasing a flying squirrel.

3) Pillows.  Where do they teach that all beds need to have 6000 pillows on them?  If so, can I guest lecture?  Nine carpets on the floor make the floor lumpy.  250 scoops of hot fudge on a sundae make the ice cream taste goopy.  And 206 pillows tend to clutter a bed.  Stop it.

Rating:  91.  Very good.  Any effort made on improving quality of Internet is worth bonus points.

Chiefs are back from the break tonight with a 6 P.M. suspended game against SWB.  Catch it all on The Score 1260 or online at thescore1260.com.

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