2012: A Chiefs Odyssey — Jason’s #9

Hope all of you out there had a brilliant holiday week.  The question is, which week is truly the “holiday week.”  Is it the one during which Chanukah starts?  And how do we decide whether or not Chanukah has a C?  And when does it get an extra k?  I’ve asked around and simply can’t figure it.

Jason’s #9–Adventures in RadioLand

When you tune in to a Chiefs game on your radio, smart phone, iPad or computer, you hear anything ranging from one single pitch to a full game.  And Kevin and I appreciate whatever you’re dropping in for.  We, however, see it all (or a good chunk of it, as the case may be (due to travel, weddings, conflicts or safaris to South Sudan).  Last season, from the Chiefs broadcast booth, we witnessed:

*2498 hits

*224 home runs

*223 double plays

*74 sacrifice flies

This is the part of the blog where I’d normally include a clip of Chuck Barris on The Gong Show saying, “We’ll be back with more stuff.”   But, there’s no Gong Show clip which is appropriate for even most audiences (in the one I’m watching right now, Chuck says, “But what do I know, I thought Idi Amin was a zany guy” and “…so far they’re a big hit with winos and some forms of plankton.”).

Along with the loads of baseball things and other oddities we see, sometimes things go, let’s say, haywire in the radio booth.  Frankly, any time one’s major habitat is labeled a “booth”, any number of cooky things may happen.  So, as we wait for 2013, here are a few of my favorite moments of the 2012 season in Chiefs audio.

*There are typically no calls to action in these blog entries.  This time, we ask that you vote, either in the comments section or on Twitter @SyracuseChiefs for the one you like most.

A) Unpleasant Valle Friday

On August the 10th, the Chiefs were playing the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in game one of two.  One of the novelties of the series was Phillies’ young-gun catcher Sebastian Valle’s ascent from Double-A.  We were excited to see what he could do close-up…

B) A Weekend in the Hampsons

Sometimes, when players just seem like they fit in a certain situation, we say they pass the “eye test.”  But, what happens when the eye test fails?

C) Puppet Masters

In our postgame show, we enjoy providing you memorable highlights from the game that just concluded.  We trust that this one will roll around your mind for a while…

Vote away.  Happy New Year.



My vote is for the Hampson at bat. I clearly remember this and started laughing myself when Kevin Brown lost it. Second place to the “Puppet Master”. Very entertaining.

It’s B. Definitely B!

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