2012: A Chiefs Odyssey – Kevin’s #7

#7: Fo’, Fo’, Two

You’ve already read about my #7 moment on this list – it’s Jason’s #12, a game where Mark Teahen and Jason Michaels each launched grand slams in a 10-5 win over Rochester on April 25.  (Teahen also drilled a two-run single, leading to a: the Moses Mal0ne-inspired title of this post and b: the most offensively efficient Syracuse game of the season – 10 runs on three swings.  That’s approximately 3.333333333 runs per run-scoring hit.  Repeating, of course.)

I won’t delve into the details much, since Mr. Benetti’s already done that.  But it’s worth noting something about Teahen in that game.  His home run promised to be the first of many in 2012 for a former 18-home run-hitter in the major leagues.  But in AAA, Teahen’s power was mainly to the gaps, not over the wall.  In fact – Teahen hit just two more home runs throughout the entire remainder of the season.  The second came exactly three months to the day of the first, on July 25 – and guess where it was.

Was a power surge in order?  Not exactly.  It took more than a month for Teahen to hit his third home run, and his first home run at Alliance Bank Stadium.  Of course, it came against Rochester, the Tom Glavine to Teahen’s Mike Redmond.

But none of Mark’s home runs meant quite as much as that initial slam – the only homer that Teahen blasted in a Chiefs win.  And with the way that baseball goes, next year, he’ll probably hit 20, with none against Rochester.

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