2012: A Chiefs Odyssey–Jason’s #7

That was a crazy night in Rochester, there.  What’s really interesting is that as the season progressed, what Jason Michaels and Mark Teahen did that night seemed more outlandish.  By the way, if you all are interested in Mark Teahen and his home run progress next year, you can follow him on Twitter @ESPY_TEAHEN.


Jason’s #7–Eury-ka!

They call the middle of baseball season the “Dog Days of Summer.”  First, have you ever wondered who “they” are?  Do “they” just sit in a room and turn phrases?  And are there books in the room “they” sit in?  Do “they” get paid?

Second, why “dog days”?  According to some cursory research, our ancestors felt hot weather when Srius, the “dog star”, was high in the sky.  Those folks labeled Sirius the “dog star” because it was the brightest star in the constellation “Canis Major.”

Now that we’ve cleared that up, on July 20th of this past year, the Chiefs opened play eight games under .500.  They were joined that day by a 22-year-old named Eury Perez.  The only YERR-ee I’d ever run into was Mr. Geller, of spoon-bending fame.

This Eury was the real genuine article, we found out.   In his first game, he did this:


All told, Eury Perez had at least one hit in his initial 19 games as a Syracuse Chief.  That 19-game string was just three off the longest of the season from any IL player.


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