2012: A Chiefs Odyssey–Jason’s #5

I’ve spent the last five days imagining auto-tuned Yunesky Maya.  I stopped laughing about an hour ago.


5. Guess it’s just the Bison in you that brings out the man in me

A list:

*Jackie Robinson


*Gertrude Ederle

*Jodie Dallas


In order, those are the first: African-American in the major-leagues, state, woman to swim the English Channel, openly gay character on television and element on the Periodic Table of the Elements.  Some are memorable to everyone, some are memorable to none and some sit somewhere in the middle.  It’s hard to know what’s going to resonate.  And, it’s tough to judge when the thing that’s going to resonate is going to happen.

On April 21st at Alliance Bank Stadium, nothing happened.  Except weather you wouldn’t leave your mother-in-law out in.  So, the Chiefs and Buffalo Bisons played a doubleheader on the 22nd.   In the 4th inning of game one, 20-year-old Bryce Harper came to the plate with a zero in his home run column in Triple-A.


It was the only homer Harper hit in his 21 games in Syracuse before a record-breaking rookie season in Washington.


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