2012: A Chiefs Odyssey – Jason’s #2

If this were a countdown of the most pivotal or most important individual games in the 2012 year, I’d say you’ve got that Buffalo game one spot too low.  But, these are the most memorable games of 2012.  Which leads me to this cop out….

#2: June boon

When the Chiefs opened play on June 18th, they were five games south of .500 at 32-37.  The first-place Pawtucket Red Sox were in town to begin a four-game series.  A week-and-a-half later, the Chiefs had won on how many straight occasions, Principal Ed Rooney?


Nine times, indeed, sir.  Your Chiefs won nine straight games.  Pawtucket, Gwinnett and Durham were the victims.  And here are some of the curious things that happened over that time:

*In the first win, the Chiefs trailed 6-4 at the 7th-inning stretch.  Then, Pawtucket committed two errors and the Chiefs scored five runs in the 7th.  11-7 final.


*In the third win, the Chiefs scored two runs in both the 8th and 9th innings to send the game into extras, where they scored in the 11th against former buddy and Zynga rival Garrett Mock.  6-5 final.

*In the fifth win, the Chiefs scored twice in the 7th and 8th against Gwinnett.  6-2 final.

*In the eighth win, the Chiefs and Braves scored at least one run in each of the first five half-innings.  The score was 3-2 after one inning.  10-6 final.

*In the ninth win, the Chiefs and Bulls went to extras tied at 1.  They ended the 11th tied at 2.  Final score 3-2 in 12.

The odds of all of those things happening in one nine-game stretch are like the odds of a meteorite hitting Russia.


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Looking forward to a great year. Our family is coming to see the Chiefs in May!!

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