2012: A Chiefs Odyssey – Kevin’s #1

1. Five For Hitting

Odds are Corey Brown won’t make the Nationals’ Opening Day roster in 2013. It’s nothing against Corey Brown – the Nats are stacked, with a Harper/Span/Werth triumvirate that starts and a likely Roger Bernadina/Tyler Moore bench. But Brown proved in 2012 that he’s simply too good to be considered a Triple-A player – and the middle of May defined just the reason why.

May 20 @ Toledo: Brown leads off against left-hander Casey Crosby. He sees a strike and a ball before teeing off on the game’s third pitch…

May 21 @ Toledo: Third pitches are so May 20…

May 22 @ Toledo: Brown decides not to homer in his first at-bat. How kind of him. At-bat number two is a different story…

May 24 vs. Columbus: One game shy of tying a Syracuse club record for consecutive games with a home run, Brown returns to his old ways (“old” meaning “May 21”)…

May 25 vs. Columbus: Brown goes 1 for 4 with a triple and two strikeouts in his first four at-bats, and it seems the streak will end. But Corey gets one more chance, batting in the bottom of the eighth with a chance for history…

Five games. Five home runs. Three in the first inning, one in the second, one in the eighth. Corey Brown may return to Syracuse for some amount of time in 2013 – but he’s Washington material through and through.

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