Card Notes: Syracuse vs Columbus 5-14-13, 7:00 PM

Thanks for stopping by for a new feature on the blog.  It’s called Card Notes.  As you might expect, it’s where you can find tidbits on today’s lineup cards.


Rahl RF

Kobernus CF

Rhymes 2B

Marrero 1B

Owings LF

Walters SS

Rivero 3B

Costanzo DH

Watts C

Ohlendorf P


1) Chris Rahl is on a season-best six-game hit streak which started with a game-tying home run in Durham Tuesday.  In the last four games, Rahl has led off since Eury Perez was recalled by Washington.


2) Zach Walters has hit sixth in 30 of the 35 games in which he’s played.


3) Will Rhymes has struck out just once in his last 10 games.


4) Chris Marrero has gone no more than four straight games without an RBI this year.


5) Seven of the nine hitters in the Columbus (Cleveland Triple-A) order will hit lefty against Chiefs starter Ross Ohlendorf.


Tune in for the game starting at 6:45 on the Syracuse Chiefs Baseball Network.  It’s available on your computer via this link:


Or you can download our app for your smartphone via the Google Play or iTunes Stores.


Oh, by the way, if you’ve recently been hitched, tonight is Newlywed Night at the ballpark.



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