Card Notes: Syracuse vs Columbus 5-15-13

For those of you who could not get enough of the first edition of Card Notes. Have no fear, they’re back!

Rahl RF

Kobernus CF

Rhymes 2B

Marrero 1B

Costanzo 3B

Walters SS

Rivero LF

Watts DH

Solano C

P Young

1) Chris Rahl extended his season-high seven-game hitting streak yesterday with an RBI single in the seventh.

2) Jeff Kobernus has 15 stolen bases. That’s eight more than anyone on the team.

3) Zach Walters hit a home run in the fifth inning last nights. He’s now tied for second in the league with nine, one off the league lead.

4) Kris Watts has six hits with15 at-bats as a Chief.

5) Jhonatan Solano was activated from the disabled list today. He hasn’t played since May 7th.

Tune in for the game starting at 6:45 on the Syracuse Chiefs Baseball Network.  It’s available on your computer via this link:

Or you can download our app for your smartphone via the Google Play or iTunes Stores.


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