Card Notes: Tuesday, May 28th vs. Gwinnett

The Chiefs and Braves return to NBT Bank stadium for the second of a four-game series at 7:00. Here’s todays Chiefs lineup…

Perez CF

Rahl RF

Rhymes 2B

Marrero 1B

Brown LF

Rivero 3B

Walters SS

Watts C

Torra P

1. Eury Perez looks to extend his hitting streak to 15 games. He holds the franchise record with a 23-game hit streak (over two seasons). Perez also has owned hit streaks of 14 and 19 in his Syracuse tenure. 82.4% of his Syracuse games to date have fallen within one of those three hit streaks.

2. Zach Walters hit his 10th home run last night, tying Chris Marrero for the Syracuse lead. That homer made the Chiefs just one of two International League teams with a pair of 10-homer batters this season, along with Buffalo (Mauro Gomez and Luis Jiminez).

3. Chris Rahl is back in the starting lineup after his 17-game hit streak came to an end during a pinch-hit appearance last night.

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