2013: A Chiefs Odyssey – #9

Welcome back to “2013: A Chiefs Odyssey” – a countdown of our 12 most memorable moments of Syracuse’s 2013 season. Moment #10 can be found here. Today: the ninth-most memorable moment of last year’s rain-soaked campaign…


9. The Stefon Game

When Bill Hader stepped down as one of the primary cast members on Saturday Night Live at the end of last season, it signaled the end of an era – not only of one of the show’s funniest and most versatile actors, but of one of the show’s most memorable characters ever – Stefon, a bizarrely flamboyant “New York City correspondent” who associates himself with the most bizarre phrases and people imaginable, such as Snoozin Lucci, DJ Baby Bok Choy, Jewish Dracula Sidney Applebaum and a bulldog who looks like Wilford Brimley. (And those are some of the tamer ones.)

That's Stefon on the left, with Weekend Update anchor and apple-of-Stefon's-eye Seth Meyers on the right.

That’s Stefon on the left, with Weekend Update anchor and apple-of-Stefon’s-eye Seth Meyers on the right.

Stefon’s appearances always featured a nonsensical listing of things featured in his preferred clubs, which followed the phrase “this place has everything”. In that way, I think of July 12, 2013 as the Chiefs’ version of a Stefon bit. For a 2013 Chiefs contest, this game had everything: rain, extra innings, late leads lost, games deep into the night…and they even played at two separate stadiums!

July 12th was the start of the game, at least, with the Chiefs wrapping up their season series at the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders’ PNC Field. Early on, it didn’t seem like we were headed for an out-of-the-ordinary finish, with Syracuse staking its claim to a big offensive lead, thanks in part to a fifth-inning explosion…

…but a win wouldn’t be that easy. The RailRiders shaved the deficit to one after a four-run sixth and evened the score one inning later, thanks to Fernando Martinez…

With 12 runs through the first seven innings, a betting man might figure the Chiefs and RailRiders weren’t long for at least one more score.  Reason #147 you should never gamble. 6-6 we stayed into the eighth, and 6-6 we remained through a tense but scoreless ninth, with Erik Davis stranding a pair of RailRiders. A long-foreshadowed rain made its presence known at the beginning of a soon-to-be-scoreless 10th, with a soggy 11th also wielding no runs.

(Perhaps the luckiest guy during all this weather? Infielder Zach Walters, ejected by home-plate umpire A.J. Johnson in the third inning for arguing balls and strikes and promptly got to have a roof over his head for the remainder of the night. Just call him the Oracle.)

That's Zach on the left.

That’s Zach on the left.

After the scoreless 11th, PNC Field resembled the Everglades, with trees and alligators replaced by a mountain and a giant moose mascot. The infield mud could take no more, and the game was suspended after 11 innings with no victor. Of course, this being the Chiefs’ final game at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in 2013, the teams were forced to partake in a familiar scenario from 2012 – a RailRiders home game completed in Syracuse. Yes, one year after the nomadic Scranton campaign, the Triple-A Yankees would bat in the home position, for at least a pair of innings.

On August 6th, with five new position players in their lineup, the RailRiders took the field and took the win on an eventual 13th-inning walkoff single by Alberto Gonzalez (not on the July 12th roster) to score Melky Mesa (not on the July 12th active roster)  at NBT Bank Stadium (not the July 12th game site). 7-6, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, was all she wrote – “she”, of course, being narcoleptic club owner Snoozin Lucci.


Kevin Brown

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