2013: A Chiefs Odyssey – #1

1. Bison Meat

I am NOT a negative person.

I feel the need to start off this final post of our “2013: A Chiefs Odyssey” series with this sentence, because of what I am about to do. I am about to pick a game where the Chiefs lost by 18 runs (eighteen runs!!!) as my most memorable Syracuse Chiefs moment of 2013. I am also, as astute readers may note, about to pick a Chiefs loss in my top three for the third straight year of this exercise. (In fairness to me, #1 in 2011 was a perfect game, and #2 last year was the turning point of the season and a 14-inning, seven-run-come-from-behind game in which Tanner Roark played left field.)

But, much like winning Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” does not mean you have to be a a good person, being selected as the most memorable moment of the Syracuse Chiefs’ 2013 does not mean that moment has to be a win. It’s most memorable, not most uplifting. And was anything more memorable than a game in which 36 runs were scored and where Buffalo had more hits and runs in a single game than any game in the previous 40+ years of International League baseball? Absolutely not.

Here are some of the things that happened during a wildly wind-aided game on April 18th, 2013:

  • Buffalo led 5-0 after one. Syracuse cut the lead to 5-4 after three. Buffalo led 10-4 after three-and-a-half. Syracuse cut it to 10-7 after five. Buffalo extended the lead to 13-9 after six. Then the Bisons scored 10 runs in the seventh. And, because why the heck not, four in the ninth.
  • Jim Negrych (2012 Chiefs All-Star) hit for the cycle. By the sixth inning.
  • Moises Sierra was 6 for 6, scored five runs and fell a home run short of the cycle.
  • Luis Jimenez drove in EIGHT runs.
  • Two of the first three Buffalo batters in the game tripled.
  • Ryan Langerhans scored five runs, homered twice and drove in six runs.
  • Josh Thole had four hits and four RBIs. As a reminder, all of these happened in the same game.
  • Andy LaRoche homered, scored three times and drove in three runs.
  • Every Chiefs player had a hit. Mike Costanzo and Chris Marrero homered.
  • The Chiefs didn’t use a position player, somehow, in a game where they allowed 27 runs.
  • Syracuse had a .390 on-base percentage and four extra-base hits in a game in which they lost by 18 runs.
  • Tanner Roark allowed 12 hits, one walk and 10 runs in 3.2 innings. He was removed from the starting rotation in the next go-around. His ERA jumped to 8.59, even though in one out of his previous two starts he threw six no-hit innings. From that point forward, he was arguably the best pitcher in the International League. I just don’t know how to explain any of this paragraph.
  • …oh, the wind was 19 mph out to left field. That might start to explain it. (The game definitely got windier and weirder as it went along.)

Once again: there were more hits and more runs for Buffalo in this game than for any team in the history of the International League over at least the last 40 years. I’ll never forget this game. It has to be #1 on this list, as the entirety of the day was a supreme odyssey.

And to close out the countdown, in case you’ve forgotten this game or want to re-relive it – here’s the glorious highlight reel. (Oh, also, the game was televised, so I was on the air by myself for all 36 runs, 43 hits and 3:41 of nine-inning baseball. Sorry in advance.)

That’s it and that’s all for our countdown of the 12 most memorable moments in 2013 Chiefs baseball. Enough for reminiscing – now it’s time to get ready for the 2014 year. More to come…


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